3-2-1 Continued

3-2-1 Continued

In part one of this series on the 3-2-1 strategy of backing up photographs, I went into detail about RAID arrays and their importance for any professional who takes their photographs seriously.

Your photos are your business assets. So, it’s time that you start treating them as such.

In this next installment, we are going to dive into the “1” of the 3-2-1 backup strategy.

3 is the number of copies you should keep of each photograph. 2 is the number of copies you should keep on site and accessible at home or your office. And 1 is the number of copies you should keep off site.

In the old days, keeping a copy of your photos offsite usually meant a stack of hard drives in a safety deposit box someplace. The idea behind this was to make sure you were safeguarded against any sort of catastrophic scenario such as your house burning down or being burglarized. If you have all your photography eggs in one basket, and sh** hits the fan, then you stand to lose everything.

But that was then, and this is now.