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The Business of Wildlife Photography is an independent publication launched in 2022 to address the needs of aspiring professionals. Jared Lloyd and Annalise Kaylor are the brains behind the operation.

You may be familiar with Jared Lloyd as the creator and senior editor of the Journal of Wildlife Photography. After years of answering countless questions and mentoring aspiring professional wildlife photographers wanting to learn how to break into the business, Jared decided to team up with conservation photojournalist Annalise Kaylor to address this need in the wildlife photography community.

With a combined experience of 30 years as working professional photographers, Jared and Annalise bring an incredible and diverse wealth of knowledge to the table about what it takes to go pro in the industry of wildlife photography.

There is much more to making money with wildlife photography than simply creating beautiful photographs. One of the biggest challenges to becoming a successful working professional is realizing that wildlife photography isn't the Field of Dreams. You can't simply "build it, and they will come."

But the Business of Wildlife Photography isn't just about understanding copyright laws or how to market your photographs, either. As working photographers, we need to stay at the cutting edge of techniques and technology. We have to develop our own unique style that stands out in the industry. We need to understand the tools that will allow us to show the world our unique perspectives. We need to understand what it takes to find and photograph animals consistently, no matter the species or environment. We need to develop an efficient workflow that integrates with how we sell images. We need to understand the type of images that editors and art buyers are demanding and when those trends change. We need to understand which markets our photographs belong in, how to work within the editorial market, the fine art market, do business with ad agencies and marketing firms, and navigate stock photography agencies. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And the Business of Wildlife Photography was created to help you solve all these problems.

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Are you someone who just wants to learn how to safeguard your photos from theft online? Or perhaps the techniques of working professionals in the field? The Business of Wildlife Photography is for you, as well.

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