Pricing Your Wildlife Prints

Pricing Your Wildlife Prints
It is estimated that only 2,000 pairs of Reddish Egrets remain in the United States. Climate change has resulted in spring heat waves that create added pressure on young reddish egrets in the nest, with fewer of them making it to adulthood. Rising sea levels permanently alter the coastal habitat these birds rely on for their homes and lives. Photo: Annalise Kaylor

“I love your photos. You should sell them!”

"Have you ever thought about selling your photos? They're just beautiful!"

"You're so talented, you really should be selling your photos!"

Raise your hand if you’ve heard any of these, or a version of them, before. This kind of proclamation from well-meaning friends and family is so common, that it's almost considered a wildlife photographer's rite of passage.

But it's exciting, isn't it — the idea that people connect with you and your art enough that they'd like to purchase a print or two for their walls?