What's selling RIGHT NOW

What's selling RIGHT NOW

What’s selling RIGHT NOW

Here’s the thing about wildlife and nature photography, it’s just like any other creative market. At any given time, certain styles, certain looks, certain types of photographs are all the rage.

Sometimes this is completely predictable. For instance, in the spring and summertime my Alaska photographs begin to sell like hotcakes on the stock photography market. Why? Because summer is the Alaskan tourist season. Outside of Alaska though, things are often selling on a 3-to-6-month lead time for the season. This means that by August, I start to see an uptick in winter photographs being sold. Why? Because content calendars for everyone from magazines to marketing agencies are planned out in advance with these sort of lead times.

But then there are those types of photographs that are not predictable.

Each month I take time to sit down and look over spread sheets of my sales to get an idea of what is making the most money at any given time. Doing so let’s me make concrete business decisions about how I am investing my time – specifically in the office.

Personally, I am not a big proponent of “shooting for the market.” That is to say, I don’t let the current market dictate the art I create. Don’t get me wrong here, though. If I am being paid for an assignment, then I am absolutely going to be following whatever guidelines are laid out for me by a creative director. But when I am out photographing on my own time, I follow my heart and my passion and my own personal interests. Hard stop.

However, sometimes, like with what is going on right now in the market, what is trending also happens to be something I really enjoy.